BJP State President Arun Sood,Was invited by his,Old School,Govt Senior Secondary School Sec 37B


Chandigarh,26 Aug,(Harpreet Singh Jassowal):- BJP State President Arun Sood Was invited by his. Old School,Govt Senior Secondary School, Sec 37B, To deliver a Motivational Lecture to Senior Students. He was accompanied by Municipal Councillor Umesh Ghai. School Vice Principal Smt Raibarinder Kaur. Arun Sood took pledge with School NSS volunteers for swatch bharat mission.

BJP State President Arun Sood

Smt Gita Chaudhary told about various activities at school. While delivering motivational lecture Arun Sood advised students to follow their passion, Interest & natural talent while choosing their careers & students should always respect their teachers & parents. He said iFelt nostalgic while being visiting My Old School and thanked the School Administration for providing me this opportunity.Later Sood distributed prizes among students.


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